Bump against as many bumpers as you can with 3 shots, the bumpers only bump you once, so get creative!

Made for the GMTKJam2019.


Drag across the screen to aim, release to shoot and BUMP!


Sounds by Sounds Like George
Icons made by Smashicons from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Development log


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I was going to suggest that it should maybe colour bumpers differently if they've been bumped, but then I looked a little closer. Maybe instead it should be a bit more accessible to people with a hard time distinguishing colours? :P

Still though, this one's fun! Good job.

Great point! I'll try to update it to account for it. Thanks for playing!

Seems like something we may have seen before at first, but I think the twist of the jam with it only bouncing off each once really puts some puzzle potential to this if you explored it further. Nice job!

I agree with you, it is a great game, it would be awesome to see some levels based on this concept.

Thank you! I really want to design some more levels and play a bit with more types of bumpers 😊